Indasa Plus P180 Velcro Discs 76mm Box of 50

Indasa Smart Repair Discs P180 76mm Box of 50

Excellent clog resistance

Long working life cycle 

Optimum systems for dry sanding application on smart repairs

  • Indasa Plus P180 Velcro Discs 76mm Box of 50
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  • Product Code: TPLP180-76mm
  • Brand: Indasa
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High performance abrasive velcro backed sanding discs. Indasa Rhynogrip Plusline velcro sanding discs are a versatile and dynamic option for numerous types of sanding jobs. These lightweight discs are perfect for sanding preparation, heavy duty sanding, fine sanding, blending, or even with micro-finishing and rectifying a piece. Suitable for rail, marine, joinery and automotive markets.  

Tags: Sanding, Abrasive, Disc, Grit, P 180, 3'', 3 inch, 180 Grit