Mipa 2K PUR Topcoat

Mipa 2K-polyurethane-acryl high performance coating suitable for commercial vehicles, facade construction elements and heavily strained machines and constructions.  

Multi part Product

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  • Brand: Mipa
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This product is a Multi part product. you need an activator to use the product.

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Mipa 2K polyurethane acryl high performance coating Features:

  •  Excellent durability
  •  Quick curing for fast turnaround projects
  •  Fast drying
  •  Excellent colour and gloss retention
  •  Ideal for aggressive environments
  •  Available in almost any colour
  •  Solvent & Chemical resistant

Mixing ratio: 3 : 1 by weight

2 : 1 by volume

Hardener: Mipa H10, H5, Techpol Universal Activator

Thinner: Mipa 2K Thinner, Techpol 2K Thinner

MIPPMP-PUR MSDS (68.92 KB)Download
MIPPMP-PUR TDS (52.62 KB)Download

Essential Products

Below are other products you may need as part of this product. These may be thinners or activators.

Mipa 2K PUR Topcoat

Mipa 2K PUR Topcoat

  • Activator

    Mipa H5 Fast Activator
  • Activator

    Mipa H10 Medium Activator
  • Thinner

    Mipa 2K V25 Thinner
  • 1 x

    Mipa 2K PUR Topcoat

    • £17.68+ VAT

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