Axalta Percotop 2K Structured Topcoat

PercoTop® 449 2K structured topcoat for use on interiors and exteriors. PercoTop® 449 is silicone-free and based on a polyurethane resin. No matter what structure or what degree of gloss you want, PercoTop® 449 have the answer. Apart from offering a large range of different structures from smooth to fine and highly decorative finishes. It can produce five different gloss levels ranging from high gloss to matt. PercoTop® 449 is not only a robust structured topcoat, it also make individual designs come to life. The excellent rheology control of PercoTop® 449 makes extremely high film builds possible; a must, if a robust coating is required. In addition, this highly durable chemical and mechanical resistance is unrivalled.

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  •  Axalta Percotop 2K Structured Topcoat
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Axalta Coating Systems has developed high performance, solvent-borne topcoat for industrial applications.

PercoTop 449, the high performance topcoat solution from Axalta. PercoTop 449 is a silicone-free, structured, 2 Pack polyurethane ideally suited to many industry sectors including construction and heavy industry such as buildings framework, printing, metal cutting and other industrial machinery.

PercoTop 449 Structure finish is also available in full matt, with excellent stability and without the loss of coarseness due to the matting. PercoTop 449 is available in a vast range of colours.

A wide range of textures, from coarse to fine, can be obtained by changing the application parameters. PercoTop 449 can also be applied in a smooth flat finish after the addition of thinner. The excellent flow control makes high layer thickness possible: a must when a robust coating is needed.

PercoTop 449 polyurethane quality outperforms other products thanks to exceptional long lasting chemical and physical resistance. It is fast curing too.


  • 2K polyurethane quality
  • Wide variety of textures : coarse, fine, spatter effect
  • Many gloss levels available without loss of coarseness
  • Excellent gloss stability
  • Smooth finish possible
  • High layer thickness possible
  • Exceptional long lasting chemical resistance
  • Outstanding flow control: high layer thickness possible
  • Easy application
  • Fast curing, even at high layer thickness
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Good weathering resistance
AXPMP-449 MSDS (242.03 KB)Download
AXPMP-449 TDS (288.02 KB)Download

Tags: 2K Paints, Hamer Effect

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 Axalta Percotop 2K Structured Topcoat

Axalta Percotop 2K Structured Topcoat

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    Axalta Percotop 2K Structured Topcoat

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