Axalta Percotop 2K DTM Topcoat

PercoTop 611 is a solvent borne direct to metal  2K topcoat. No need for primer. Suitable for all industries.

Composition based on polyacrylate.

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PercoTop 911 is a direct to metal 2 Pack polyurethane topcoat designed for a wide variety of industries including construction and architectural, plant and equipment, printing, metal cutting machinery, metal fencing and highways infrastructure.
PercoTop 911 is designed to be applied direct to metal without the need for a primer. A fast and cost effective alternative to conventional two stage applications. PercoTop 911 is backed by broad selection of activators, reducers and additives, allowing flexibility in application and drying .
Key attributes are excellent adhesion and corrosion protection on all types of metal substrates e.g. steel, aluminium and galvanised steel. The high mechanical resistance makes this topcoat the ideal choice for cost effective industrial applications.
PercoTop 911 boosts productivity: the use of an adhesion primer is not required, which results in significant labour and process cost savings. PercoTop 911 can be applied to interior as well as exterior surfaces.
2K polyurethane quality
Smooth finish
Excellent anti-corrosion properties
Excellent adhesion
Excellent mechanical properties
Easy application
Fast curing
No primer needed
Large colour availability
Good durability

High Heat resistance up to 150 °

AXPMP-DTM TDS (171.67 KB)Download
AXPMP-DTM MSDS (255.46 KB)Download

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 Axalta Percotop 2K DTM Topcoat

Axalta Percotop 2K DTM Topcoat

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    Axalta Percotop 2K DTM Topcoat

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