Techpol Custom Filled 2K Aerosol Spray Paint

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Techpol custom mixed 2K spray paint aerosol 

Our spray paint can easily be applied to many surface across many industys including art, automotive repairs scuffed powder coatings and plastic, it is the preferred solution for small repairs, like scratches on  window frames and doors. Whenever there is a need for industrial applications with a smooth finish, our custom mixed aerosol  is perfect for painting exteroir objects as it is very fast drying and has a high elasticity made from premium quality Axalta polyurithene paint.


  • 1K acrylic quality
  • Smooth finish
  • High elasticity
  • UV stability
  • Good adhesion on many substrates
  • Wide variety of gloss levels available
  • Easy application
  • 400ml can


Shake can vigorously until the mixing balls move freely!

Prior to coating, remove the red button from the safety cap, turn the

spray can 180° and attach to the pin on the base of the aerosol.

Place the spray can upside down on a solid surface.

Press red button with the ball of your hand until a stop is reached.

Shake can vigorously to mix the contents!


Spray to test - Spraying distance approx. 25 cm

2 - 3 coats, dry film thickness 40 - 50 µm.

Flash-off: 5 min. between each coating

AXPMP-PUR MSDS (222.99 KB)Download

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