Techpol Filler Spreaders Pack of 10

Spreader helps smooth body fillers, putties and glazes being used in automotive refinish and light industrial projects.

  • Techpol Filler Spreaders Pack of 10
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  • Product Code: PSD008
  • Brand: Techpol
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These spreaders can be used for mixing and spreading a large range of different resins, fillers pastes and putties. High quality plastic with good flexibility and beveled edges for a smoother finish and less sanding. Once the material has hardened it can be easily removed by lightly twisting or bending the spreader.

Reusable - Bend spreader and cured filler / materials will pop off

Leaves a smoother finish which means less time sanding.

For use with Body Fillers, Resins, Pastes & Putties etc

Approx Size : 105mm x 70mm with Tapered Edge