Mipa Water Base Coat Any Colour Mixed To Paint Code

Mipa WBC 2-Layer-Basecoat (waterbased) can be used for the repair of original basecoat/clearcoat finishes or a

complete paint job of cars, busses and trucks. Overcoating with Mipa 2K clearcoats results in a weather-resistant,

high-gloss top coating. All colors are free from lead and chromate pigments.

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colour match

We can match any colour reference or sample

Mipa WBC water-basecoat is meeting not only current legal requirements but due to a mature water-based technique, Mipa WBC is also avoiding all the disadvantages of former generations of water basecoat.

Mipas water-based topcoat systems are state of the art since the VOC law came into power in Europe and other parts of the world. In the OEM segment, this technology is standard even longer. But technical innovation of these systems is not stopping. The experience of the past years and decades as well as the development of new raw materials are leading to a continuous improvement of Mipa paint systems.

Mipa WBC covers already with the first coat.

Usually, the second coat only serves the effect adjustment and the perfection of the colour.

Mixed to vehicle paint code

Please note vehicle make, model, age and paint code must be provided on checkout.

We will supply the standard shade unless otherwise requested.

We do not guarantee the mixed colour will match, you must do a spray out prior to application to ensure the colour matches.

We will not be responsible for any rectification for a poor colour match after application.


10 - 20 % Mipa WBC Thinner

10 - 20 % Mipa WBS Accelerator

Spray viscosity

22 - 25 s 4 mm DIN

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