Rail Paints

At Techpol we stock the industry leading Axalta rail systems on site at our flagship store in Swindon Wiltshire.

Including the following

Coating systemSolvent basedWater based
Anti corrosion PrimerEP Metallgrund R.68121EP 300 2K Waterbased Epoxy Primer
PU FillerPercoTop CS353 Rail fillerPUR 300 2K Waterbased Filler
PuttyCS 170 Fire Retardant Putty (PE) / DP3360 (EP putty)N/A
TopcoatPercotop9675 2K HS TopcoatImron HydroTopCoat 7200
Base CoatCentari 600 or Permacron 293 / 295Imron HydroBaseCoat 8200
Clear CoatPercoTop CS807 2K HS Power Clearcoat /Permafleet 8330 (SCA containing)Imron HydroClearCoat HC 300
Roof and lower body2K EP DS Highbuild Topcoat2K EP DS WB Highbuild Topcoat
Underbody1K Nova Grey/Black1K ImronHydrocoat7900

All of these products have one or more of the following approvals


EN45545 Fire performance (Waterborne & Solvent borne Coatings)





London Underground –TfL

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