Floor Paints

At Techpol we stock industrial-strength floor paints provide that an exceptional finish for concrete floors, inside and out. With excellent adhesion, durability and strength, our floor paints resist everyday wear and tear from machinery and vehicles - even in heavy use areas.

We have a wide range of industrial flooring solutions and floor paints for interior and exterior flooring needs, including road markings, internal epoxy resin floor paints, and floor paints suitable for warehouses, factories, prisons, schools, car parks and many other public-sector environments. Check out our Favourites below.

For more information about our range of Floor Paints, call our team today on 01793 871 550. Alternatively, you can send us an email via the contact us page.

 Axalta Percotop 2K Epoxy Topcoat

Axalta Percotop 2K Epoxy Topcoat

PercoTop EP is a 2 Pack robust solvent-based topcoat for heavy duty industrial p..

From £16.63

Rust-Oleum 5300 Epoxyshield Maxx 5L

Rust-Oleum 5300 Epoxyshield Maxx 5L

Rust-Oleum 5300 Epoxyshield Maxx A user friendly and easy to apply water-based ..

From £90.42

Rust-Oleum 7201 Universal Floor Primer 5L

Rust-Oleum 7201 Universal Floor Primer 5L

Rust-Oleum 7201 Universal Floor Primer is ready for use solvent based adhesion p..

From £41.39

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Industrial floor paint is a specialised type of paint designed for use on floors in industrial settings. It is specifically formulated to withstand the demanding conditions found in factories, warehouses, and other industrial environments.

One of the key benefits of using industrial floor paint is its durability. This type of paint is designed to hold up to heavy traffic and constant use, as well as exposure to spills, grease, and other chemicals. It forms a tough, long-lasting barrier over the surface of your floor, helping to protect it from damage and wear.

Another benefit of industrial floor paint is its slip resistance. This is an important safety feature, especially in environments where employees are walking on the floor frequently. Industrial floor paint is formulated to provide a high level of slip resistance, helping to prevent slips and falls.

In addition to its durability and slip resistance, industrial floor paint is also easy to apply. It can be applied using a brush, roller, or spray gun, making it a versatile option for a variety of applications. And because it dries quickly, you can get your floor back into operation in no time.

Overall, industrial floor paint is an essential tool for any industrial facility. It helps to protect your floor from damage and wear, while also providing a safe and slip-resistant surface for your employees. Whether you're looking to protect a new floor or restore the look of an old one, industrial floor paint is the perfect solution.