Techpol High Build & Etch Primer Black

Techpol High Build & Etch Primer: Tackle Tough Surfaces, Achieve Fast Results

Techpol High Build & Etch Primer, the quick-drying, self-etching solution designed to conquer complex surfaces and deliver remarkable results. This innovative primer combines powerful etching with superior filling power, creating a strong, protective foundation for various metals and plastics.

Key Features:

Fast-drying formula: Saves time and streamlines your workflow, allowing you to move on to subsequent steps swiftly.

Self-etching technology: Eliminates the need for separate etching solutions, simplifying the preparation process.

High filling power: Effectively fills minor imperfections and uneven surfaces, ensuring a smooth base for topcoats.

Exceptional corrosion protection: Shields iron, zinc, steel, aluminum, and most recoatable plastics from rust and other forms of corrosion.

Versatile application: Ideal for quick repairs on cars, commercial vehicles, and diverse industrial projects.

Compatible with various topcoats: Can be overcoated with 1K, 2K, or water-based paints, offering flexibility for your project needs.


Streamlined and efficient: The fast-drying and self-etching properties minimize prep time and steps, boosting your productivity.

Long-lasting protection: Safeguards your surfaces from corrosion, ensuring the durability and beauty of your project.

Flawless finish: High filling power creates a smooth foundation for topcoats, guaranteeing a professional-looking outcome.

Versatile performance: Effectively bonds to various metals and plastics, expanding your application possibilities.

Seamless integration: Compatible with different topcoat types, providing flexibility for your chosen paint system.

Whether you're a professional tackling tough repairs or a DIY enthusiast seeking fast and effective results, Techpol High Build & Etch Primer is your perfect partner. Its powerful features and ease of use make it an essential tool for achieving exceptional results on diverse surfaces.